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We Are Fashion Holic

India’s Community connecting The Fashion World & Sharing the latest Lifestyle of Men & Women.

Fashion Holic has been founded in 2K19  by one of India’s most celebrated digital entrepreneurs & young CEOs, along with high-quality co-founders hailing from some of the best tech & Fashion domain of the country.

We started this online diary as a way to share our favorite sales, buys and fashion finds.  We share everything from family , Fitness, Grooming, travel to fashion & beauty. 

We love connecting with you guys and sharing life’s beautiful journey a long the way.

This blog is a platform for everyone who is looking to make her/his mark in the fashion world. It’s about her/his personal style, her/his confidence and what she/he wants to achieve while sticking to its roots and values.

You can find the daily dose of fashion and travel on this platform. Apart from this, our team members are fitness addicts too, so you can also find the basic dose of fitness on daily basis.

Our CORE Team

Vijay Kumar P S

Managing Director & Fashion Consultant


Naveen Parker

Fashion Photographer & Co-Founder


Anushree Vasistha

Fashion Model & Influencer / Blogger

Indian Branch

Nithin Nayak


Indian Branch

Sai Ram G Gowda

Cheif Authorized Editor

Indian Branch

Sunil Kumar Reddy

Managing Director

Indian Branch


Pooja S R

Blogger / Author

Understand your audience better than they understand themselves. It takes a lot of upfront research, and often means being a member of the very tribe you’re trying to lead – but it pays off.

Aditi Doddawad

Blogger / Author

She is pursuing a degree in Journalism and mass communication. She is an artist as well and she loves to explore her ideas and thoughts through blogs.

Sujay Rrr

Blogger / Author

He is a travel enthusiast and a dreamer aspiring to work in advertising or film-making industry also, he loves to cook and Eat as well as write scripts.

Om Mishra

Blogger / Author

Young Talent who is passionate about Blogging & Sharing Ideas.

Rishab Vinay Malde

Blogger / Author

He Is Exploring new possibilities and looking to learn something new every day. Mantra is to keep it simple. Hustle for your goal and stick to your passion.


Blogger / Author

She is pursuing a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Tirsha Roychowdhury

Blogger / Author

She is pursuing her career in Mass Communication and Journalism. She is also looking forward to be into Digital or Broadcast journalism.

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